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How CBD Can Boost Your Immune System

How CBD Can Boost Your Immune System

CBD is known for possessing many health benefits, but one of the best may be the added boost it gives to your immune system. During the pandemic, the importance of having a good immune system has been made clear. Having a tough immune system means your body is better able to deal with bacteria and viruses. Let’s take a look at how CBD works to boost your immune system.

Importance of Immune System

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at what the immune system actually does. It is the body’s first line of defense against invaders such as viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Once it beats a foreign invader it is able to create ‘T’ cells and ‘B’ cells to remember for next time so that it can be dealt with quickly and effectively. However, in certain cases the immune system can overreact and start attacking healthy tissue, and this leads to autoimmune disorders.

How CBD Boosts Your Immune System

Recent research has found that CBD is both anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressive. This means it can help in the healthy functioning of your immune system. Additionally, it can help with humoral immunity which is the production of antibodies. Overall, the cannabidiol substance works well as an immuno-modulator through reducing inflammation and to help regulate white blood cell production.

CBD Reduces Stress & Anxiety

It is well known that CBD oil reduces stress and feelings of anxiety. It helps a person calm down and better control their emotions. But did you know that continued stress can have a detrimental impact on your immune system? Regular intake of CBD helps to activate the all important 5-HT1A serotonin receptors that modulate mood. This means that long-term use can help individuals suffering from stress and anxiety. The end result is their immune system recovering from the damage that may have occurred.

Using CBD for Autoimmune disorders

CBD can also be used to relieve the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. These disorders can dramatically impact someone’s quality of life. There are many types that affect people in different ways, but the mechanism is the same. It involves the immune system attacking healthy tissue, cells and organs. This can occur anywhere in the body. CBD helps to reduce inflammation which is caused by this reaction and may also have an immunosuppressant effect which helps to calm the hyperactive immune reaction and thus lessen the symptoms of the disease.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, there is promising research that indicates CBD could be helpful in boosting your immune system, and further evidence that it may help in managing the symptoms of autoimmune conditions. As with most things, more research still needs to be done, but we have seen firsthand how CBD has dramatically improved many people’s lives. With our full spectrum high-quality CBD oils and gummies you can get the best protection. We make it easy for you to get your daily dose in a convenient manner.

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