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5 Common Myths About CBD Oil

5 Common Myths About CBD Oil

CBD is a relatively new substance in the modern era, but it has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is only recently that medical professionals and consumers have started to catch up. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding CBD oil and in this article we will clear up the truth from the fiction.

1. CBD is illegal

One of the most common myths surrounding CBD is its legality. Many people falsely associate CBD with marijuana because they are derived from similar plants. But, CBD only contains very trace amounts of THC which means it is not classified as a drug. Different states and jurisdictions can vary with the THC content that they consider illegal, but in general CBD has never been classified as a drug and you won’t be breaking the law by taking it.

2. CBD Gets You High

This second myth relates to the first one and the association that many people have in their minds. They see CBD as related to marijuana and therefore they believe it gives you a similar high. This is completely untrue because the primary substance that provides the effect of ‘being high’ is THC and is not present within CBD at any significant amount. This means that you cannot get high on CBD, and this is why it isn’t considered a drug.

3. CBD Starts to Work Right Away

Many people expect to see instant results with CBD, but this is not how it works in reality. In many cases it takes a while for the substance to build up in your body so that you can attain the full benefit. Of course it will also work differently depending on the way that you take it. Therefore, you should experiment with different dosages and methods of taking before you start to consider that it doesn’t work.

4. CBD Is The Cure for Everything

No CBD doesn’t cure cancer, and no it probably doesn’t ‘cure’ other ailments. But, what it does do is manage symptoms of many chronic diseases. In fact, many individuals have used CBD as their last resort and it has been the only thing that worked at managing their pain and easing other symptoms. CBD isn’t a miracle cure, but it can provide significant relief and we have seen first hand at how it changes lives. It’s important to think of CBD as a useful supplement rather than a medicine.

5. CBD is a Marketing Scam

CBD has increased in popularity in recent years which has gotten the attention of the wellness industry. Undoubtedly, there are scams that exist with regards to CBD and sometimes false claims are made. However, this is more to do with the industry as a whole rather than CBD itself. So whilst some claims may be erroneous, this does not remove the scientifically-backed health benefits of CBD. There are sadly some low-quality vendors around that are looking to make a quick buck. You should steer clear of sketchy suppliers and only buy from reliable vendors. At HealRain we are closely involved in the extraction process which means you can always rely on us for the best quality full spectrum CBD products.

Closing Thoughts

You will be glad to know that all of these statements about CBD are completely false. Misinformation continues to be spread, but more consumers are beginning to realize that they are spread with an agenda in mind. Now that you know these facts, you can begin to understand how CBD actually functions and the huge difference it can make to an individual’s quality of life.

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