Find all the answers you were searching for. About CBD, it’s effects and Heal Rain products.

CBD is a substance that is extracted from hemp plants. It is a naturally occuring substance and it offers many benefits. Our CBD oil has a high content of CBD which means you can get the full benefit. HealRain utilizes the best processes and the highest quality hemp to ensure that our product is top of the market.

The legality of CBD oil is something that many customers consider. Hemp is currently widely consumed across the country, although specific states and counties can have their own policies. CBD is not considered a drug, and it is legal if it follows the correct regulations. Our store follows these regulations which means that you can enjoy these products legally.

One common misconception when it comes to CBD is that it contains Marijuana. People may be worried about failing drug tests or about getting ‘high’. Although the substances are extracted from a similar source, CBD has incredibly low levels of THC. You will not feel any negative effects since there are only trace levels of THC in the product.

One of the main benefits of CBD oil is the flexible uses. You can take it under your tongue,or in the form of capsules and gummies. Each method has its own various pros and cons. You will find a variety of product types in our store, and we recommend trying the ones that suit your requirements. The effects will be the same regardless of which way you choose to consume the CBD oil.