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CBD oil is exceptionally food-friendly, which makes it a great herb to prepare food or drink with. Here are some exciting recipes selected for your cooking pleasure; you would love them.

1. Pasta and Seafood
Pasta and seafood is a lip-smacking delicacy that you can prepare with CBD oil. It is not only delicious, and it is healthy. The seafood could be lobster or shrimp or any of your choice.
Ingredients needed
• Parsley
• Tomatoes and pine nuts
• Spices like salt, black pepper and garlic, basil and asparagus to spice it up
• Pasta
• Olive oil and some CBD oil
Preparation: prepare pasta according to instructions, thoroughly cook seafood and spice
2. Chocolate chip cookies
Are you thinking of a super cool snack to take with you for lunch? Think CBD infused chocolate chip cookies.
• Coconut flour
• Chocolate chips (¾ cups)
• Almond butter
• Some eggs
• CBD oil
• Vanilla bean paste
Preparation: Mix all ingredients and bake at a preheated temp of 350-degree Fahrenheit
3. Parmesan mashed potatoes
If you think mashed potatoes are great, wait till you eat the one infused with CBD. All you need is the standard ingredient’s for a mashed potato (of course not forgetting CBD oil and parmesan cheese )
• 6-8 cups of pre-made mashed potatoes
• 2/1/2 tbsp unsalted butter
• ¼- 1 cup of whipping cream
◦ A cup of parmesan cheese
◦ Others include CBD oil or powder, salt and water
Preparation: Mix ingredients, whip and bake at 400 degree- Fahrenheit.

4. CBD – spiced Guacamole
This nutrient-rich Mexican cuisine is phenomenal when prepared with CBD oil. Ensure you have all the ingredients and prepare well (most especially the avocado).
• 1 mL of our CBD Oil
• 3-5 medium ripe avocados
• fresh cilantro leaves, cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper
• lime juice
• kosher salt
• ground cumin
• finely diced medium onion,
• Tomatoes
Preparation: mash the avocadoes, add all spices and cover. Serve after a few minutes.
5. CBD – induced Mozarella with Meatball stuffing
This food is not only well-flavoured and nutritious, it is also deeply satisfying.it is a perfect balanced diet of protein, carbs and CBD oil.
• mozzarella cheese sticks
• tomato pulp
• onion
• spices like garlic, cloves, basil, oregano, pepper and salt
• beef
• sausage and eggs
• breadcrumbs
• onions
• garlic, onion, oregano and thyme.
Preparation: prepare meatball separately, mix other ingredients and cook for two hours.

6. Cheesecake infused with CBD
Thinking of cooking a savoury cheesecake with a pop? Introduce some CBD into it.
• CBD oil and coconut oil
• Eggs
• Almond flour
• Powder: cocoa, baking powders
• Cream cheese and vanilla
• Butter
Preparation: Prepare the base and cream topping separately. Bake dough for few minutes till its crisp and freeze afterwards.
Some drinks
1. Oil lemon and honey tea
Lemon and honey tea is ideal for a morning or late evening tea. Imagine it is infused with CBD oil. It is a perfect cure for colds, flu and immune-boosting.
• Few drops of our CBD oil
• 2-3 bulbs of fresh lemon
• Two dollops of honey
• Hot water
Preparation: squeeze the lemon into a tea mug filled with hot water, add dollops of honey and few drops of CBD and you are ready to drink
2. Smoothie of your choice
Smoothies can serve as pre/ post workout drinks or just a drink for a special occasion. With CBD, it’s a different level entirely.
• Fruit (preferably fresh)
• Ice block
• Yoghurt
• Herbs like cinnamon, paisley etc.
Preparation: blend together, shake consume immediately or store in a refrigerator.

Cooking, baking or mixing your food with CBD oil is a fun way to consume CBD oil and experiment with healthy food choices.

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